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Custom day care: How does the Brain Waves™ Curriculum benefit your preschooler in Horn Lake, Mississippi?

Posted on 11-10-2014


Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Mississippi is proud to offer your child the opportunity to take part in our exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum. This beneficial program focuses on fostering healthy brain development through fun and enjoyable, age-appropriate activities. Your child’s first years in day care will dictate which parts of the brain will develop, and which will be eliminated through a lack of stimulation. Our Brain Waves™ Curriculum will provide an abundance of benefits for your child.

What exactly is the Brain Waves™ Curriculum?

Your child’s ability to learn, and have his or her brain effectively develop, is significantly impacted by his or her learning environment. We offer developmental activities, a dedicated professional stage, and a state-of-the-art facility. Kids ‘R’ Kids offers your child the guidance, love and one-on-one attention necessary to achieve full mental capacity. This program supports the development of language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

“Hug First,Then Teach”

We have adopted this philosophy. Studies have shown that children need to feel a secure attachment to their day care surroundings and educators in order to properly develop. All of our classrooms are filled with items which encourage exploration and learning, using all five senses: sound, smell, taste, sight and touch.

Incorporating technology

The world is fast becoming more and more digital with every passing day. It is important that your preschooler, toddler or infant is exposed to technology from a young age. We have integrated ABCmouse into our curriculum. This technology is used to teach basic concepts such as language, math, science and motor skills.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Horn Lake, Mississippi takes pride in ensuring our Brain Waves™ curriculum exceeds expectations. If you would like more information about our facility, curricula or staff feel free to contact us today

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