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Are toys and games an essential part of a Horn Lake preschooler’s life?

Posted on 08-06-2014


There are several misunderstandings about the importance of toys and games with regards to early childhood development. Many studies have shown that free-play with toys and games at preschool can be highly beneficial. This is why Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Mississippi allows its students to spend scheduled time each day immersing themselves in free-play with toys and games that promote various types of learning.

Freedom is a vital component in learning

Our secret is in our patented preschool fast track curriculum that helps develop each child’s necessary skills to thrive in their education as well as future careers. This is substantially more than what any traditional day care can offer, and ensures that your child grows up as an individual with a unique skill-set. Toys and games that offer this kind of stimulation include Lego, play dough and even basic building blocks. These games allow a child to explore at a pace he or she is comfortable with, while promoting natural and healthy neural development.

A teacher’s role in free-play

Although free-play provides a substantial amount of benefits for a child, the right learning environment as well as encouragement from a teacher can even further boost these benefits. This is because a child will be more motivated when they are rewarded, and will develop confidence when they are recognized for their successes.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Mississippi is dedicated to providing every child with a real advantage that other day care services simply cannot offer. And with our AdvancED accredited preschool program, you can rest assured that our specialized child care services will more than adequately prepare your child for a successful future.

To learn more about our academy, contact us here for more information or tour our facility.

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